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Artist Statement


I am on the search for that which is true and have a great desire to share it.


At an early age I was drawn to Art as the act of one human being raising their voice to darkness and announcing where they are and what they've found.


I have the desire to work in a way that surprises me.


To let the journey and the openness to possibility to determine the destiny of my work. To put the sacred and the valuable at stake. Understanding that objectivity is less than obtainable and that it is therefore necessary to allow for as much democratic collaboration as possible; the addition of another point of view is the only true way to break up the subjectivity of the existential experience.


I know that answers are only questions worthy of further contemplation.


That language begot consciousness and Art is the search for language where there is none.


And there are no mistakes in art.


Let’s find the truth therein.


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