Jeff Aldrich

Height: 6’, Weight: 165lbs, Hair: Light-Brown, Eyes: Grey



Cikiuteklluku / Jon Sullivan (orig.) / Perseverance Theatre

Assimilation / Paul / Out North

bobrauchenbergamerica / Allen / Cyrano’s Theatre Co.

Harold & Maude / Harold / Cyrano’s Theatre Co.

Wind Blown & Dripping / Smokie Londregan (orig.) / Cyrano’s Theatre Co.

You Can’t Take It With You / Ed Carmichael / Cyrano’s Theatre Co.

Typing Lear / Barry / Third Base Players

Two Gentlemen of Verona (Musical) / Eglamore / Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

The Winter’s Tale / Time/Dion / Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

Hamlet / 1st Player/Player King / Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

Richard III / George Stanley / Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest / Billy Bibbit / Riverfront Theatre

I’m Not Rappaport / Gilley Riverfront Theatre

The Possessed / Shatov / Lee Salisbury Theatre



Witewold / Butch (Lead) / Aldrich Brother Films

Hot Lead, Cold Type / Bailey (Lead) / Pay No Attention to the Man…

Blood Pact / Ben-Michael (Lead) / The Sharper Collective

Fermentation / Man (Lead) / Lazy Crew

Zombie Bob and the Ninjas of Doom / Bob (Lead) / Ouch Mouth

Matt & Maddie / Mark (Supporting) / Scarface Productions

The Angriest Day / Self (Supporting) / Scarface Productions

What’s the Big Deal / Medical Student / Baker/Jennings Productions            



University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Major, Directing Emphasis

Atlantic Acting School Conservatory Program

Script Analysis: Anatoly Antohin, Jaquelin Landgraf

Acting: Cynthia Silver, Anatoly Antohin

Voice: Francine Zerfas, Ilse Pfeifer

Speech: Charlie Layton

Movement: Donnie Mather, George Russel

Improv: Josh Lewis

Repetition: Stephen Hawley, Tamara Lovett-Smith

Theatre History: Thomas Riccio, Tara Magginis

NeoFuturism: Greg Allen, John Pierson

Acting for the Camera: Deborah Schildt



Movement: Suzuki, Viewpoints, & Alexander Technique

Yoga: Advanced, Yoga Instructor (Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa)

Dialects: Russian, Irish

Sports: Swimming (Advanced), Swimming Instructor


Has an identical twin brother who is also an actor